Class, Audience, Division & Category

Entries will be judged and awards presented in each of the following classes, divisions and categories. All materials submitted must be designed for use by consumers, not health professionals.

Class: (What type of information is being submitted?)

  • Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention Information (Information that helps consumers stay healthy and/or prevent injury and disease.)
  • Patient Education Information (Information that helps consumers cope with a disease or ongoing health condition.)
  • Consumer Decision-Making Information (Information that helps consumers make better health care decisions and/or information that promotes specific health products or services.)
  • Other/Miscellaneous Health Information (Materials not included in the other three classes.)

Audience: (What is this entry's intended audience?)

General (Required)

  • Children—birth-12 years and/or their parents
  • Adolescents/Young Adults—13-20 years and/or their parents
  • Adults 21+ years
  • Older Adults 60+ years
  • Other (example—women or men only)

Special Populations (Optional)

  • Minority
  • Disabled
  • Low-Literacy
  • Other


  • Association/Professional Society
  • Business—500+ employees
  • Business—less than 500 employees
  • Community Organization (nonprofit)
  • Consumer Product Company
  • Education (College or University/Professional School/Secondary School)
  • Government (Federal/State/Local)
  • Managed Care Organization
  • Hospital/Health Care System
  • Insurance Company
  • Media/Publishing
  • Medical Communications Agency
  • Nurses/Allied Health Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Pharmacy/Drug Store
  • Physician/Group Practice
  • Other/Miscellaneous

Category: (What type of entry is being submitted?)

Single (1) Entry

  • Book*
  • Booklet/Brochure/Pamphlet
  • Calendar
  • Direct Mail
  • Logo Design
  • Magazine (one issue)
  • Magazine Ad
  • Magazine/Newspaper/Newsletter Article
  • Newsletter (one issue)
  • Newspaper/Newsletter Ad
  • Poster
  • Public Service Ad
  • Radio Ad
  • Radio Reporting
  • TV Ad
  • TV Reporting
  • Video*
  • Other/Miscellaneous Material

Total Programs/Series Entry

  • Magazine/Newspaper/Newsletter Article Series (must be same topic)*
  • Total Health Information Program (multiple media)*
  • Total Special Health Event Program (multiple media)*

*Requires additional fee.


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